Preparing for Ramadan: A Thoughtful Approach with Daleelokum

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As we welcome the holy month of Ramadan into our lives once more, there’s a prominent sense of anticipation in the air. For parents, children, students, working women, homemakers, new reverts, and everyone in between, preparing for Ramadan isn’t just a routine; it’s a spiritual experience. Join us at Daleelokum as we create your perfect Ramadan prep for Ramadan approach!

“I want to do better this year and attain all possible rewards!” are some of the thoughts that pop up in the remaining days before Ramadan. Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to stay determined along the way, just to find yourself regretting it in the end?

We understand that staying motivated and consistent is a great challenge for you, as early as the first week of Ramadan. There is a saying that goes; 

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” 

Therefore, Rajab is one of the best times to start preparing for Ramadan.  

As Ramadan approaches, Daleelokum is here to help you smoothly enter and make the most of this month. Dear brothers and sisters, especially those new to the faith or balancing work/household responsibilities, preparing for a spiritually fulfilling Ramadan requires a thoughtful approach. 

Let’s just quickly view what practical steps you can take to ensure focused and fulfilling Ramadan preparations – free from distractions. 

Set SMART Goals while preparing for Ramadan

Pause for a moment and think about your spiritual goals for Ramadan. What’s on your heart? Do you want to get closer to Allah? Seek forgiveness? or become a better version of yourself? Go ahead and set clear intentions and achievable objectives for yourself. 

Remember, get everything set for Ramadan goes beyond a simple hunger strike; it’s a chance for you to reboot. By establishing goals, you’re giving your Ramadan a purpose – a reason beyond the empty stomach. 

When setting goals while preparing for Ramadan you should:

  • Make them specific by defining clear objectives, like completing a set number of juz daily. 
  • Ensure measurability, such as adding an extra daily prayer to your routine. 
  • Keep goals achievable and realistic; for instance, reducing screen time during free hours by a certain percentage. 
  • Align your goals with overall objectives to make them relevant, like improving specific aspects of Quranic recitation rather than learning a broad skill. 
  • Enforce a time-bound element by setting deadlines, such as practicing patience throughout the entire month. 

This SMART approach would help you stay focused during your Ramadan preparations.

Plan Your Meals

Let’s be real; we’re not all gourmet chefs with endless hours of free time to meal prep for Ramadan. Don’t feel guilty by making freezer-friendly meals that’ll take minutes to be air fried and served on the table, especially when preparing for Ramadan

Daleelokum suggests making your life easier by planning your meals like this so you can focus more on your ibadah. Atleast, your initial food preparation for Ramadan and instant freezer stock will help you gain momentum in the first few days of the month. 

Remember, it’s not about impressing anyone; it’s about freeing up time for things that matter.

Give your home a thorough clean 

A clean home contributes to a peaceful environment, particularly when work out for Ramadan. As you rid your space of dust and unnecessary items, you’re also clearing away potential stressors. 

Just as you prepare your heart for the month of fasting, getting your physical space in order is also a way of saying, “I’m all in” for Ramadan preparations. Cleaning, in this context, becomes a form of worship, turning routine chores into acts of devotion. 

Start with one bedroom at a time, wipe down your windows and mirrors, and clean out the fridge and pantry. Also, don’t forget to dust off your prayer mats and arrange religious books in an orderly manner. 

Creating a spiritual corner for your kids

In the daily hustle of our lives, sometimes we overlook dedicating a separate prayer space and Quran reading  for our children during this blessed month. This can be a small yet impactful gesture that will resonate throughout their lives. online  quran  study

It will help to introduce an element of structure and routine into the child’s day during Ramadan. This can be a perfect way to start. According to Daleelokum, having a personal corner like this will allow children to engage in age-appropriate religious practices. Meanwhile, as a mother you can plan your activities and house chores around these predictable moments, ensuring a healthy balance in preparing for Ramadan.

Daleelokum’s spiritual stamina building mastery

The last days of Rajab are slipping away and Ramadan is just around the corner. It is high time that you gradually increase your daily nafl prayers and Tahajjud rakats to conform yourself to the extended Tarawih prayers. This is the ultimate Ramadan prep initiative that one can take beforehand. 

Try to engage in more and more zikr (remembrance of Allah), now so that when Ramadan arrives, you can embrace your daily tasbih with full momentum and energy. 

Also, consider starting your Quran recitation along the way. Even if it’s just ten verses a day, let’s try to squeeze in a bit of Quran reading in your routine. With Daleelokum, your online Quran reading partner, it will become a lot easier to prepare for your daily Quran reading sessions. 

Our platform provides easy access to the Quran, personalized tracking of your progress, and even Tajweed quran guidance to enrich your Quran recitation. Daleelokum is here to nurture your spiritual growth, both before and during the blessed month of Ramadan. 

After all, it is Allah’s blessings in this sacred month that we yearn for. So, in prep for Ramadan rewards, let’s turn to Him and  aim to purify our souls and intentions with the guidance of Daleelokum. May Allah ease our Ramadan preparations as we anticipate celebrating the holy month this quran academy


​​Q: Why is it important to set SMART goals during Ramadan prep?

SMART goals ensure specificity, measurability, achievability, relevance, and time-bound aspects, keeping you focused throughout the preparation for Ramadan.

Q: How can meal planning simplify my Ramadan preparations?

Planning freezer-friendly meals frees up time for ibadah, ensuring a smooth start to Ramadan without compromising on nutrition.

Q: What role does a clean home play in spiritual preparation for Ramadan?

A clean home contributes to a peaceful environment, aligning physical space with spiritual commitment during the preparation for Ramadan.

Q: Why is it essential to create a separate prayer space for children during  Ramadan preparations?

A dedicated space introduces structure and routine into a child’s day, encouraging age-appropriate religious practices during the month of Ramadan.

Q: How does Daleelokum’s online platform aid in building spiritual stamina for Ramadan?

Daleelokum provides easy access to the Quran, personalized tracking, and Tajweed guidance, facilitating Quran recitation for a comprehensive spiritual preparation for Ramadan.

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