Our Mission
Daleelokum (Your Guide)

Daleelokum Academy understands how important it is for Muslim parents to raise children who are well-versed in Islamic knowledge. We will gladly take this great responsibility with you. We accept responsibility for the positive outcomes of the Qur’an study. We attain these outstanding outcomes by taking small, deliberate measures that ensure deep ingrainment of Quranic verses. Eventually, as we progress with your child, we will take your child step by step to reach the greatest level, when they will be able to learn to read the Qur’an online with Tajweed, speak and understand Arabic as native speakers.

Professional Instructors
Your Guide
Free trail class

Take your first class with us for free and no payment is required.

100% Refund Your Money

We will give you full refund for classes you didn't get.

24/7 support

Feel free to contact us whenever you want to schedule your class or ask questions.

Expert Teachers

Expert Al-Azhar certified male and female tutors who are friendly and patient in teaching your children in an experienced and enjoyable way.

Progress Reports and Certificates

You can follow your child's performance through our regular reports as well as your child will get a certificate when he or she completes a level.

Arabic courses
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Arabic conversation
  • General Arabic courses for Non-Native speakers
  • Arabic for kids
  • How to read Arabic
Quran Courses
  • Reading
  • Memorization
  • Tafseer Quran
  • Tajweed(Beginners)
  • Tajweed(Advanced)
Islamic studies
  • Five Pillars of Islam
  • The prophet's stories
  • Learning Islamic manners
  • Daily Islamic applications (Duaa)
Ijazah Courses
  • Quran memorization Ijazah
  • Ten Qiraat Ijazah
ITQAN course
  • Quran recitation certificate with advanced tajwid
What Our Clients Say?

My two daughters Yasmeen age 12yrs and Jana age 9 yrs have been taught by Miss Shrouk Abdeltoab for over a year now.

Miss Shrouk is a very kind and fun teacher, she has a very good English language which has helped my daughters massively as their Arabic language isn’t particularly strong.

Miss Shrouk has been teaching my daughters how to read al Qur’an al kareem, she taught them Tajweed rules along with helping them recite multiple soorahs in the Qur’an.

She has also been teaching them Islamic studies/ Islamic ethics and values and also prophet’s stories.

Miss Shrouk has been a massive help for us and I would recommend her to any muslim family looking for and amazing Qur’an/Islamic studies teacher.

My daughters love the lessons and I’m sure your children will enjoy them too.
Jazakum Allah khayr.

Dr.Lulua Salameh

My daughters and I were very happy to know the teacher, Shorouk.
She was an example of a teacher who cares about her students.. She has a calm and distinguished style in teaching and memorizing the Holy Qur’an for students.

Best wishes for her and for your institution

Laila Alsayed

Alsalmualikum, our teacher is a very patient teacher, flexible and has been teaching my daughters quran for over a year. Highly recommended and great proficiency in teaching arabic.
Jazak Allah Khairan

Zainab be.

Dear Shrouk
Our respect and admiration for you as our daughter’s Sara arabic teacher cannot be expressed in words. You have a tangible effect on the lives of the student.
We’ve seen the change in Sara this year, and we wish to thank you for all you have done allow her mind and spirit to learn Arabic language this year. You are a truly amazing teacher who makes a difference in children’s lives every day.Looking forward to work with you in new academic year.

Kind regards Sara’s parents.

Alsalmualikum, my name is Rida I am 12 years old from Toronto, I like how the teacher is understanding when you make a mistake or don’t understand something. shes a considerate teacher, and teaches Quran/Tajweed understandingly.


My experience with the teacher has been amazing. Before starting with her I was not able to read well or pronounce anything in Quran. Since working with her, I have made amazing progress. She is kind and patient and has a very effective methodology.


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